Destiny VD-12 - Destiny VD-12 Baseline CRC Hi Grip Black -

Front End
Parameter Value
Arm flex Standard
Bumpsteer Washer N/A
Camber 1 °
Droop .5 mm
Dynamic Caster Block
Front axle kingpin caster (deg) 7
Front end type Xenon VD-12 Dampener style
Front spring type Stock
Front track width N/A
Front width shim N/A
Lower arm spacer N/A
Lower kingpin shims N/A
Ride Height 4 mm
Ride height spacer N/A
Toe N/A
Upper arm spacer N/A
VD-12 Dampener oil stiffness 20000 Cst
Xenon - Caster Shim rear N/A
Xenon - Front end stiffener Yes
Xenon - KPI Steering block 0 degrees
Xenon - Upper kingpin shims N/A
Rear End
Parameter Value
Axle shim left N/A
Axle shim right N/A
Center spring Stock
Damper tube lube 3k Cst
Pod droop .75 mm
Rear Dampener type Vertical side tubes
Rear track width N/A
Ride height middle N/A
Ride Height rear N/A
Roll center N/A
Shock ballstud spacer rear N/A
Shock Front Position Not selected
Shock length (middle of ball to middle of ball)) N/A
Shock Mounting Position Rear Not selected
Shock oil 35wt cSt
Side Link Lenght N/A
Side spring Stock
Side spring preload (gap) Touching mm
Parameter Value
Battery layout Transverse
Bodyshell Protoform Strakka
Bodyshell position Middle
Car weight N/A
Transverse Battery distance from rear radio plate N/A
Wing/spoiler No
Parameter Value
Pinion N/A
Rollout N/A
Spur gear N/A
Parameter Value
Batteries N/A
Brake e.p.a N/A
Brake expo N/A
ESC setting N/A
Motor N/A
Motor timing N/A
Radio N/A
Servo N/A
steering e.p.a N/A
Steering expo N/A
Throttle e.p.a N/A
Throttle expo N/A
Parameter Value
Setup Notes N/A